Reconnect For Fun, Laughter, Inspiration & Learning.

REconnect Programme


This is a 6-week Virtual Programme for teams of all sizes to come together again to REconnect for fun, laughter, inspiration and learning. Our sessions bring a light, bright and high energy into your team. We plant many seeds, give great tools for letting go of old unwanted thought patterns plus new and fun ways of keeping upbeat with a positive mental attitude. We deliver in an interactive way that your team will never forget theses sessions which are filled with lots of fun and resources.


Each of the 6-week Virtual programme are a mixture of more positivity tools and techniques, wisdom from the ages, and inspiring guest speakers with subjects like goal setting, nutrition, parenting, self-care and staff empowerment in these crazy times. We can also create a bespoke programme for you with guest speakers in subjects that will interest your team.

Give your staff the chance to REconnect with their TEAM again in a way that brings joy, positivity and fun, back into your company.

This 6 week programme will not only help you and your staff personally but assist with productivity for your organization, as they will have new tools and feel valued, as they REconnect with their workmates.

The CBA has joined forces with a list of amazing experts to deliver an exciting new virtual programme designed for your organisation, bring everyone together, Think of fun, laughter and learning as we offer you and your team a creative space for a unique exchange of ideas and insights. 

Fun, Laughter, Learning

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